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Transactional SMS

You can send a text to your users through Custom Actions.

Before You Start:

Please ensure your country is currently supported for SMS by checking the list here. If your country is not yet supported, you can make a request by filling out this form. Country support is typically added within 48 hours after the request is submitted.
All text messages are sent with an opt out message appended in order to comply with SMS regulations and best practices. This message reads "Reply STOP to opt out."
Please do not send your users links of any kind at this time. This is read as spam by many carriers. Your message may be blocked and your sending reputation will be negatively affected. Support for links in text messages is coming soon!
Please be sure to add an opt-in check box somewhere in your app to maintain compliance with anti-spam laws. Your app may be rejected from the app stores if you do not include this. Please see this example.
Example SMS/Text Message Opt-In upon user signup.

Video Tutorial

Updated video tutorial is coming soon!


1. Login to and navigate to your dashboard (we'll need this for your API Key in a minute)
2. Open a new tab in your browser and open up your Adalo app in the Adalo editor
3. Once open, place a test button on a screen of your choosing
4. Under the "Click Actions" for the button, select Custom Action
5. Give your action a name, such as "Send Login Code via Text"
6. Select the Create option from the dropdown below the Title field, then click Next
7. Copy the following URL and paste it into the Base URL field of the Custom Action
8. Set the "Method" dropdown to POST
9. Add a query parameter called Content-Type with the value application/json
10. Add another query parameter called api_key with your Adastacks API Key as the value
11. Add Inputs to hold your data for the new Custom Action (You can name these whatever you like, but below are some suggestions)
Suggested Input Name
Input Type
Suggested Input Test Data
To Phone Number
You can use your own phone number to test with
Text Message Body
This is a test verification code: 1234
The TO PHONE must be formatted with the country code and without symbols. For example, to send a message to a US number, the number you send would be 18445551234 If you are unsure of the country code, you can visit this page.
12. Replace the capitalized text in the URL with the Inputs you just made using the Magic Text button in the top right of the URL field.
13. Run the test request. (See the success screenshot below)
Even test actions that fail return a "Test Successful" message so be sure to click Show Full Response to ensure the action succeeded. This is by design so that you can still save the action and return to continue setting it up later if you wish.
14. Save the Custom Action and add it where you need it throughout your app.