This page is filled with additional information to help you get the most out of Adastacks!

Help, I know nothing. (H,IKN)

No problem, we love newbies! Here are some quick definitions and explanations to get you up to speed:

  • ⚠️ In order to use Adastacks, you'll need a paid version of Adalo.

  • A stack is simply an action that your app can perform.

  • Your API Key is your digital key that you will use to give Adastacks permission to perform a stack

  • A URL is simply a link (like to a website). Adastacks uses these URLs to send data back and forth with Adalo.

  • With each action your perform, your credits will diminish, but don't worry - they renew every month for as long as you subscribe to Adastacks.

  • Multi-factor authentication is the process where generally a code is texted to your phone when logging in to confirm it's you.

Now that you've got some basics down, head on over to the Quick Start to get your feet wet.

Basics of the Adastacks Credits System

Since each stack costs a different amount of money to run, Adastacks uses credits instead of operations or actions like other services. This ensures that if you're sending emails (cheap to do), you don't get charged the same amount as sending text messages (more expensive). This allows you to maximize your credit usage to get the most out your Adastacks plan. Each credit equals about $0.0055 with discounts applied at higher plans.

Each stack costs a different amount of credits. Below you can find a credit costs of each stack:

Stack Name

Credit Cost

Email Verifications


Scheduled Notifications


Transactional Text (SMS)


Verifying Sending Email Addresses for Use with Adastacks

In order to send emails to your users using Adastacks, you must first give Adastacks permission to use your email address on your behalf. This is where verified emails come in. Any emails that you verify in Adastacks can be used as "From" addresses in email-based stacks. But beware, you can only verify emails on domains that are not third-party. Emails from Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, etc. cannot be verified with Adastacks.

Emails from Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, etc. cannot be verified with Adastacks. Adastacks will ignore requests to verify these emails.

Furthermore, Adastacks uses Postmark to verify and send emails. When you verify an email address, you will receive an email from Postmark asking you to verify the email address, thereby giving Adastacks permission to send on your behalf. The email will look similar to this:

Once you have clicked the blue "Confirm Sender Signature" button in the email, you're ready to use that address with any Adastacks email stack. If you wish to remove the email, just click Remove next to the email address in the list on your Adastacks dashboard.

Finding Your Adalo App ID

You can find the ID of your specific app in the URL when you are in the Adalo editor in your Internet browser. It's the string of letters and numbers after the apps/ and before the /screens.

Finding Your Adalo API Key

You can find your Adalo API key in the Settings of your app Adalo editor (the Gear icon) on the left side of the Adalo editor screen. Your API Keys are different for each app. Be sure to save your Adalo app API keys somewhere else as well so that you don't have to regenerate them later on.

Finding Your Adastacks API Key

An API Key is like a password and a username rolled into one - it tells Adastacks who you are and if you have the credits and permission to use a stack. Your API Key is automatically generated and can be found on your Adastacks Dashboard - be sure to keep it to yourself! If you need to get a new API Key for any reason, please contact me for a new one. You can find your Adastacks API Key in the Account section of the Dashboard:

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