Get Website Screenshot

This action returns a direct screenshot of a website's screen in 1920x1080 resolution. It's slightly different from the link preview in that the image returned is an actual browser-view of the page.

Note that this endpoint does best with websites that do not require login and do not have popups of any kind. The endpoint merely navigates to the size and screenshots it - no navigation or logins are supported.


1. Login to and navigate to your dashboard (we'll need this for your API Key in a minute)

2. Open a new tab in your browser and open up your Adalo app in the Adalo editor

3. Once open, place a test button on a screen of your choosing

4. Under the "Click Actions" for the button, select Custom Action

5. Give your action a name, such as "Get Website Screenshot"

6. Select the Create option from the dropdown below the Title field, then click Next

7. Copy the following URL and paste it into the Base URL field of the Custom Action

8. Set the "Method" dropdown to POST

9. Add a query parameter called Content-Type with the value application/json

10. Add another query parameter called api_key with your Adastacks API Key as the value

11. Add an Input to hold your data for the new Custom Action (You can name this whatever you like, but below is a suggestion)

Suggested Input Name

Input Type

Suggested Input Test Data



Should be any valid URL

12. Replace the capitalized text in the URL with the Inputs you just made using the Magic Text button in the top right of the URL field.

13. Run the test request. (See the success screenshot below). The action will return an image URL for the screenshot. To use it just set the image source in your Adalo app to this returned image URL.

Even test actions that fail return a "Test Successful" message so be sure to click Show Full Response to ensure the action succeeded. This is by design so that you can still save the action and return to continue setting it up later if you wish. If you do not see the results, be sure to click on Show Full Response to make sure it returns results. Then you can click on + Add Item to add missing results.

14. Save the Custom Action and add it where you need it throughout your app.

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